The Different Styles of Bow Headbands and How to Wear Them

When styled properly, bow headbands can be a great way to hide a bad hair day or include that additional little bit of glam that you've always been looking for. Depending on the colour and style of your hairband, it's crucial to bear in mind how you need to style your hair with each proper piece. With a super-girly beauty trend such as headbands with bows, you need to ensure you use it correctly and to the best locations, otherwise it can look goofy. In this short article, we will go over ways to design your hair with various sizes, colours and types. You can buy online eyelash extensions los angeles here.

1. The Large Bow

If you begin including too lots of accessories, combined with a big bow headband, it can become overwhelming. Big headbands look very well when your hair is left down in untidy tassels, or half up like in the image to the. You can use huge bow headbands to cover your bangs and part of your forehead, or push it back on the hairline behind your ears for a more comfortable fit.

2. Knitted Bow Headband

These charming, knitted bow headbands are utilized for keeping your ears warm throughout the cold winter seasons. Although the majority of these headbands are big, statement pieces like the big bow headbands, because they are knitted, it is more appropriate to use these like a headscarf when you're outdoors. It's true that you can keep warm and look lovable.

3. The Floppy Side Bow Headband

This look is entirely for one of those days where you simply seem like keeping your hair messy and natural. Place it over top of your untamed mane for a hippie, boho chic appearance. You can also wear this kind of headband like generally, however prevent putting it right on-top of your head. It's easy to make yourself appear like an adolescent girl if you do not position your bow in the best spot.

4. Tie-Up Bow Headband

These are so cute and look fantastic on anyone. It's finest to wear your hair up with these types of headbands to hide bangs that aren't acting appropriately, or to conceal a bad hair day.

5. The Little Bow Headband

Traditional, sophisticated headbands with smaller bows can be used for formal occasions or dressing up your appearance for work. These thin bands likewise look terrific in elegant up-dos, whether as decor to really hold your hair together, they look terrific.


The Best Headbands for Straight Hair

Straight hair is the ideal type of hair to play with devices. Headbands look great against straight hair and it gives you multiple alternatives for styling your hair around it. Adding headbands to your sleek locks with of-the-moment pieces with offer you a stylish update to your classic straight tresses. Adding a headband to your texturized, straight hair can up the cool factor of this appearance.

Bangs Up

Straight hair supplies lots of choices for your hairstyle. You can use it up, half-up, totally down or in an advanced up-do. If you want to keep your bangs back in location, slide on your headband and press it about an inch past your hairline. Since you don't want the top of your go to look too flat, include some volume underneath the hair that drains of the headband. For some extra volume, you can likewise coiffure your ends to create some circulation. An easy, thin headband that contrasts well with your hair is your finest option when you wish to use your bangs up.

Bangs Down

If you like leaving your bangs down, there are a couple headband hairstyles that will add an additional boho stylish planning to your design. Put your headband on top of your head, hippie-style. Let your bangs curtain down in the front. This appearance is best with side-swept bangs - with blunt bangs it can look actually extreme. Once again, you wish to place your headband at the place where your hair meets your bangs. This is an ideal positioning for your headband if you have straight hair. You can likewise add some volume by backcombing your hair at the crown of your head so your hair falls nicely around your headband. When you wear your bangs down, you can play with larger or glittery headband pieces to create an effortless, womanly appearance.


Parting your bangs and putting your hair into a half up-do can produce a more imaginative hairdo than a simple headband and straight hair. Rachel makes use of a simple brown, braided headband, but it looks terrific with how she's parted her bangs and pulled them back behind her ears. This appearance is truly simple to manage and gives a slight boho ambiance.

Straight Pony

When you consider a ponytail and a headband combination, you most likely believe, how uninteresting. Actually, it can in fact be very stylish and it's very flexible for any occasion. Including some structure and volume to your straight ponytail can really assist spice it up. Be imaginative with your headband - choose a sparkly or shine headband, incorporate a braid or backcomb your ponytail to develop some visual interest. It's excellent to be innovative with your headband choice, however don't choose something that will subdue your face or your entire attire.


The Best Headbands for Dreads

There are many benefits to using a headband when you're sporting dreads - covering up loose roots when you're fears are freshly forming, holding your dreads back in location, while still showing them off, or even just for a fun hair statement piece. Headbands are a popular choice for women with fears because they keep your dreads out of your face.

Thick Headbands

Thick headbands are generally the only alternative you have when it concerns keeping your dreads revoke your face. If your roots are still a bit looser, you'll like the fact that thick headbands cover them up till they become thicker and fuller. Dreads likewise have such a unique structure that playing with structures and patterns compliments your hairstyle well. By concealing your roots, you'll be able to quickly maintain your thick waterfall of smooth, nappy dreadlocks. Using a headband does not impede the growth or development of your fears. It's simply an excellent alternative to having your dreads await your face during the first couple of weeks.

Hippie Style

Contrary to popular think, dreads are actually a really versatile and creative hairdo. Fears look great, whether they are styled down or up in a pony. Hippie style dread headbands look great when they have flowers, feathers or braids.

Bandana Headband

Bandanna headbands are a great way to keep your natural dreads protected and in place all day long. Bandanna headbands for your fears highlight the length and volume of your hair and can add a little bit of toughness to your design. Put your dreads up into a strong, strong ponytail and you're great to go.